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This list includes the performances that I am aware of. Please do contact me if you have information about other concerts.

The Swedish Church in London, England

Chantage conducted by James Davey
Release concert for Chantage choir’s CD “Mårten Jansson Choral Works”

Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden

Uppsala Cathedral Boys Choir, Uppsala Cathedral Girls Choir, Uppsala Cathedral Childrens Choir conducted by Margareta Raab
innanför överallt

Christchurch, Oswestry, England

Oswestry Ladies Choir, conducted by Dawn Jaffray
Missa Popularis

Västerås Cathedral, Västerås, Sweden

Mariakören conducted by Joakim Olsson Kruse
Missa Brevis in Eb minor

St. Peter Church, Bous, Germany

Living Voices, conducted by Andreas Hoffmann
Missa Popularis