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This list includes the performances that I am aware of. Please do contact me if you have information about other concerts.

St. Bonifatius, Gleißen, Germany

LaCappella 2.O conducted by Veronika Bauer
Fear Thou Not

San Martino Cathedral, Lucca, Italy

La Bottega Musicale, conducted by Dario Ribechi
Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

Leichlingen, Germany

Cresendo Chor und Glissando Chor
Missa Popularis

Uppenbarelsekyrkan, Hägersten, Sweden

Hägerstens Kammarkör under the direction of Kerstin Börjeson

Lund Cathedral, Sweden

Dr James D. Hicks Organ
Premiere of the commissioned organ piece Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott

St Germain du Bois, France

Choir week in St Germain du Bois, conducted by Irina Nikonovich
Missa Popularis

Tour, Basque Country, Spain

Vocalia Taldea conducted by Basilio Astulez
Premiere of the commissioned piece Salve Regina

The concert Mirrors will be on tour during fall 2017 and then recorded in 2018 for an upcoming CD.
More info on exact concert locations when they are decided.

Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church, South, St Louis, Missouri, USA

Saint Louis Chamber Chorus conducted by Philip Barnes
Premiere of commissioned work for Double Choir

St Nicolai Church, Örebro, Sweden

St Nicolai Motettkör conducted by Karl-Magnus Jansson
Premiere of commissioned Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, Missa Popularis

Uppsala Cathedral, Sweden

Uppsala Cathedral Boys Choir, Uppsala Cathedral Girls Choir, Uppsala Cathedral Childrens Choir conducted by Margareta Raab
innanför överallt