Concerts, September 2016

This list includes the performances that I am aware of. Please do contact me if you have information about other concerts.

Września Church, Września, Poland

Skowronki, conducted by Alicja Szeluga

Krimulda church, Krimulda, Latvia

Anima Solla, artistic director Marite Purina
Fear Thou Not

ZAMEK Culture Centre, Poznań, Poland

Skowronki, conducted by Alicja Szeluga
Inaugural concert of “Trillme” festival 2016

Hokkaido, Japan

Datemidorigaoka high school
Fear Thou Not

Congress Centre, Grado, Italy

Vox Feminale conducted by Sabina Nilsson
8th International Choir Festival and Competition, Grado
Herren är min herde

Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden

La Cappella conducted by Tony Margeta
Inaugural concert of DAMKÖR2016
Premiere of Ingeting utanför